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Thread What do I need?

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1 What do I need?
Greetings, I am just starting my venture into home recording and making electronic music. I have a drum machine, and keyboard/synthesizer, a computer, and the melodies in my head. What is it that I'm going to need to be able to create effects (aka techno sounds/effects/modifications)? Please excuse my ignorance. Thanks in advance.
Some sequencing software, a small mixer and a midi interface for the computer should be all you need to get started (and a few cables to connect it all). There are dozens of variations of each, but I would suggest you start cheap and start moving up the quality ladder when you better understand what your needs and tastes are. Good Luck, its gonna be fun.
I like using fruityloops studio http://www.flstudio.com for melodies.

For sounds, record everything! You can then take something that you have sampled and put all kinds of effects (phaser or distortion, anyone?) and end up with a sound totally different from the one that you started with.

Most of all, do whatever feels natural, regardless of what software you use, it's all limited only by your imagination!