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Thread Vocals recording question...

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1 Vocals recording question...
I have been recording at home a lot lately, but I never recorded vocals before, and now that I have started, I have found a problem, wich I would appreciate if someone could help me solve.
The thing is, that I am recording on my LeSon microphone connected straight to the SB Audigy soundcard... Anyway, the problem that I find is, when I am singing everytime I put energy on a word with a "P" for example, that "P" kind of comes out too intense on the recording, like with a big peak on the sound monitor... It kind of "explodes" everytime I pronounce a word with "P", or "B"... For example, when I say "Push", that "P" makes a big noise, it appears as a big peak on the sound monitor...
I have recorded with my band in professional studios, and I know they use that kind of "pad" in front of the microphone for it not to occur, right?
Is there any way to avoid that problem without that "pad"? Is there any other thing that can be used?
AND also, by the way, what's the name of that "pad"?
Well, I don't know if I have found the right words to explain my problem, so you can understand it, I hope so...
Anyway, I appreciate any help!!!
Thanx in advance!

Put some ladies hose over a coathanger frame and you will have a usable popper stopper even if its ugly.
The thing they use is a pop filter. You can either buy one or go with the homemade solution Sam Spastic suggested.
Once someone told me to just replace all p's with b's, instead of singing Push sing Bush. Take that for what you will.

A technique I found to help is simply raise the mic just slightly. Focus the axis of the mic between your nose an upper lip instead of right into the mouth. You lose very little signal response (especially if it's condensor) and usually eliminates that popping.

Thanx to all of you for the advices!!!
When I record vocals, I sing sideways from the mic. For instance, instead of singing facing the mic, have the mic to the left or right of your mouth. This way the air dowsn't blow into the mic, it just blows right past it.

yeah get a pop filter or make one, another good thing that looks a little better than a coat hanger is one of those wooden things that people using for sewing or something. Its a two wooden circles held together with a clamp. Then do as somebody else said and put pantyhose material in there and then try to rig some kind of gooseneck up to hook it to your mic stand. or you could buy one and save yourself the trouble for 15-25 bucks. by the way, as somebody mentioned, singing off to the side is good for another reason too. its usually a good way to get rid of some of the sibilance in vocals (the high frequency sounds you hear sometimes when people say letters such as "s"). I don't usually have a problem with it, but some people will test to see which side of your mouth produces more sibilance and have you sing with that side away from from the mic facing just slightly to the side of it. I don't know why one side would produce more than the other except for maybe the formation of your teeth, but apparently this works for some people.