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Thread monitor hum

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1 monitor hum
Hi from a newb :)

I've got a pair of Quested F5's hooked up o my laptop for monitoring/general listening. They are humming a little when connected but do not when I remove the cable.

I think the problem is due to my cabling, which goes thus:

mini jack from laptop - y splitter with female 1/4 plugs - 1/4 plugs to XLR connection on monitor. Is it a ground loop problem due to the balanced/unbalanced nature of this cabling.
if so can someone give me a little advice on the best way to sort this out.

The hum is very small but once you know its there it drives you mad, especially at low volumes.
How is the 1/4" to XLR wired? I use the Neutric adaptors and have never had a problem. If you use the Radio Shack transformer type you "may" need to cut the internal frame ground loose and tape it.