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Thread Im new and need help

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1 Im new and need help
Hi wot up everybody im new 2 this site so i was wondering if anyone could help me.

Im looking for some software that removes vocals from songs, i have tried vocal remover from anologue x but that didnt work im guessing coz i use xp. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any software that works with xp?

Also im looking for some mixing software, i basically want to mix different songs together, take the vocals from one song and mix it with the music of another song. Speed up and slow down songs things like that. Ive been looking at MixMeister Pro 5 is that any good for wot i want to do? could anyone recomend any software to me that would enable me to do wot i want to do. If the software was free that would be good but not essential.

Thanks in advance.
You can try Yogen vocal remover, it works with XP:
Vocal removers can work with some old mixes, they basically just get rid of info in the center. There is no way to get rid of the vocal in most modern recordings
Just to confirm about Yogen, it definitely works with XP, and does a pretty good job with most modern tracks. For example, I tested it out on the Metallica track "Some Kind of Monster". It did an excellent job, taking out the lead vocals, but leaving in some of the backing vocals, which works brilliantly. However, I then tried it on a few MP3s with very mixed results. On some tracks it just made the whole track very muddy and blurry, on others it didn't appear to have any effect, and on most it just damped down the volume on the vocals. Still, better than nothing! :lol: