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Thread Where to Go? Software, you're setup?

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1 Where to Go? Software, you're setup?
I purchased Pro-tools LE for at Home since we use Pro-tools a lot in my studio internship. However, I'm starting to realize how limiting Digidesign is with their hardware/software relationship.

I want to build, from scratch, somewhat of a home setup for my band. I want to be able to do at least 16 tracks simultaneously, so we can record as live as possible. Like I said, I've been using Pro-tools, but I want to change over to some other program.

What do you guys have, suggest. I'm assuming most recording programs are at least similar in style, but what about connecting to computer. What kind of cards am I looking at? One card with numerous inputs? Can you double up on cards for more inputs? Firewire?


Hey Justin-

Don't know squat about ProTools- I'm a Cakewalk guy. I like Cake a lot. The other most common home app is Cubase.

So far as audio cards go, I'd say that what you go for depends on what you want to do, what you already have, and how you want ot work.

See the sticky at the top of this forum for a better idea of what I'm taling about.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
My home is already separated into some iso rooms, so basically I'm looking to record my band for demo and possible release purposes (depending on the quality I can get). I'd like to be able to do 12-16 tracks simult, and that would all be audio. Not really into sequencing, yet.

I thinking
8 mics for drum kit
2 guitars
bass (possibly)
1 scratch vocal track

I want to get the ability to record as live as possible, b/c I think the performance is a very important part of the recording.
To do that is gonna require a relatively large investment for a home studio. I would recommend 2 Delta 1010 interfaces from MAudio. Street prices will run you about $11-12,00 US. Than you will need a board that has enough monitor or aux sends for live monitoring AND has direct channel outs to send to the 1010's.

With monitors, board, and interfaces, probably a minimum of $2000 US, probably more like $2,500. Figure $3,000 with cabling. That's assuming you have a high end computer that can handle that much I/O........

Chin up- a rig to do this kind of work would've cost you at least $10,000 8 years ago!!!!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
I think I'm going to pick up and link a couple Phase 88's and Cubase SE. Any suggestions on boards that are moderately priced and decent?