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Thread MIDI Explained?

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1 MIDI Explained?
Alright guys, I apologize in advance if this is lengthy, but it's been bothering me. I'm really not familiar with MIDI, however here's what I think I know.

Created a few years back by computer programers so that multiple keyboards could be controlled onstage using one keyboard controller. Uses three variables.....note, velocity, and duration. One of the first times that various manufacturers agreed on a standard protocol so that their machines could work together.

From that I understand how programers were able to make the necessary ajustments to make keyboards sound like drums and horns and guitars, ect.

What I don't get is what does MIDI have to do with Guitar effects processors that are equipped with it?

Also, certain recording control surfaces say they use MIDI to control the sliders on the software? How?

If anyone has a website or just insight on this I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

i'm not all too familiar with the inner workings of MIDI(though i do remember having to learn how to count in binary in computer music class in college), but i know the concepts. the effects pedals would use midi to have extra controls over the different effects parameters or simply switching to different patches. As far as control surfaces go, the MIDI signal is sent from mixer or whatever you have to the computer containing volume, panning, or other data to control the software parameters. You mentioned what you know so think of it this way. The control surface is like the keyboard you want to use to control another keyboard. The fader is like a key on that keyboard. When you move it, the signal gets sent to the software which would be like the other keyboard. MIDI can be used for other things too such as timecode. In short this is basically used to synchronize two different devices together to transfer audio or data.
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