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Thread Removing Fade Applied to Whole Song

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1 Removing Fade Applied to Whole Song
I have done a bonehead thing. Before I knew enough about fade-outs to use them properly, I applied one to the entire song in Sonar 3. So, my song fades out from start to finish. Not good.

How do I remove the fade from the entire song, so I can apply it to the last few measures?

Answers should be comprehensible to a Sonar novice.


Paul S
I don't use Sonnar, but try with fade in with same parameter on whole song that you used for fade out. Or try undo action if sonnar have it.
Agreed, try fading in with the same parameters to offset everything. This could cause, however, a fading in of background noise. If you want to spend some time fixing the recording, you can search through your Cakewalk Projects folder and recreating the entire song using the temp files created by Sonar.