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Thread Newby recording quality problems

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1 Newby recording quality problems
Wondering if anyone can help me with the problem that I am running into. I am attempting to record audio onto my laptop (mic input) from a mixer but the levels are too high and I can't adjust them down enough either on the mixer or the laptop. I am going into the mic input (I have read that you should go into the line input if possible) because my laptop doesn't have a line input. From what I have been reading it kind of sounds like an ???impedance matching???? problem (I am guessing). Either way the recorded audio sounds garbled with a slight buzzing in the background. Can anyone suggest anything that I can do? Also, the program I am using is Audacity, is there any good programs out there that are specifically made for recording and making audio CD's (open source preferred). Thanks for your help.

Yes, it's an impedance match problem. If your laptop has no line input, you will need to get a USB or Firewire external audio interface such as the Edirol UA-25 or MAudio Firewire Audiophile. This will provide your mixer with a line level input to your computer.

For cheap recording software, check out FASoft's NTracks or PG Music Power Tracks.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Wow, what a bummer. Do you know of a way that I could get rid of this problem without having to spend ~ $250?
Get someone to build a pad for you.

Just solder a 1k resistor from each plug contact to the ground lug. Then put a 10k resistor between each wire and its respective plug contact. This will reduce the signal to about 10% of what you had. AKA a 20db pad.

Be sure to mark which end is which. The unmodified end goes to the mixer out. The pad end goes into the mic input. If your card supplies phantom power to the mic input remove that jumper.