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Thread Question about sampling

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1 Question about sampling
Hey, I want to record my own sounds to use in electronic type songs or hip hop beats. What type of equipment is usually used to do this? Something portable that I could carry around 24/7 would be a plus, so if i heard anything I would want to use while I'm out or something, I could just record it and put it on my PC when I got home. Suggestions?
Tape has always been the standby for field recording. So I would look for a high quality portable cassette or DAT recorder.


I don't know if there is a memory stick type of thing that would work, but that would simplify getting sounds into the computer.

What will really limit you is the microphone and how close you can get to the source. GIGO! Buy a good directional or shotgun mic for this. Outdoors a windscreen is not optional its required.

WHAT YOUR EARS HEAR IS NOT WHAT THE MIC HEARS. So you will need headphones to monitor.