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Thread can i swtich hafler ta1600 amp to 220V ?

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1 can i swtich hafler ta1600 amp to 220V ?
hi, i am now searching a power amp for my home studio and interested in the hafler ta1600.anyone know how can i use it in Hong Kong(220V)? can i swtich it to 220~240V ? thanks !

Of course you can, converters exists... but... It's really expensive. The more power you need, the more expensive it is. If you have several devices to convert from 110 to 220, ok it could be a solution... but if this is only for your amplifier about 300$, I'm not convinced it's a good solution :(
I didn't see anything in the manual about changing the power over so you should contact Hafler for this question. If you already have one on hand look in the fuse compartment above the line cord--[color=red]UNPLUG IT FIRST[/color]-- and see if it has a plugboard that can be turned around to another voltage. The english manual specs 120V.

I don't have a photo of the back panel to tell if it has even a U/L label let alone a CE label.