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Thread Greetings fellow basement strummers!

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1 Greetings fellow basement strummers!
I currently have a P2 450 Mhz with 128 Mb Ram and a 55 Gb HD sporting an older Creative 128 soundcard with a couple of regular RCA inputs.

I have a cheap mic (Shure knock-off) and a couple of acoustic guitars (Seagull 6 string with no pick-ups) and a gorgeous Ovation 12 string with piezo pick-up.

I'd obtain some basic hardware to allow me to plug my patch cord in to the soundcard and then run some mixing software to allow me to put multiple tracks together.

Am I able to get a 'converter' that will take my patch cord plug and allow me to plug directly into the soundcard?

As things progress, I would then anticipate grabbing some more expensive and capable hardware but I'd just like to try out the experience before I start laying down the dollars.....

Any thoughts / comments / suggestions?
Probably the cheapest way to "try" the experience would be to get a Behringer UB series mixer (I know the 1202 is @ $79, and there are smaller ones inthe series), get a pair of inexpensive headphones (AKG has some decent ones for about $79), and use your current mics and computer setup (although that older Sound Blaster is gonna have some serious limitations), and get PG Music's Power Tracks Pro or N Track from FAsoft.

Total investment to "try" the experience- under $200.
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