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Thread USB audio interface

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1 USB audio interface
I've got Windows XP running on a 64-bit laptop and am trying to connect a USB Emagic 6/2m to it. While the install seems to go well, there is a constant clicking when i play anything back through it!

I don't know whether this is a driver problem or a buffer problem, I am yet to try any programs that would use the ASIO (?) drivers so that may bring even more problems.

I expect this isn't a unique problem so if anyone has had this and fixed it, weather it be with my particular interface or another, then i'd really appreciate any help.


Ben Smith
Hi Ben-

Clicking is most always a timing or resource issue. Make sure your USB port isn't sharing an IRQ with anything else. Make sure you don't have conflicting sample rates selected anywhere. I had a similar problem with my Delta one time when I had my Delta set for 44.1 khz and my software set at 48k.

Make sure you have the latest drivers. If you do, try deleting them and reloading them.
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Cheers, I'll have another play with it tonight and get back to you.
unfortunatly the problem is continuing to annoy me...

how would one find out whether anything is using the same IRQ?

all i'm trying to do at the moment is play normal audio through it so will the khz i've got it set at affect this?
Try going into your BIOS and looking to see if there is any IRQ sharing going on there. If you don't know what you're doing in there, though, be very careful if you change anything. You can really mess things up in the BIOS.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
i've leant it to my brother to see whether he gets the same problem on a mac.. which he won't... and i'll try out his usb interface to see if it's a universal problem between usb interfaces and my computer.