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Thread recording with one mic

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1 recording with one mic

I want to be able to record my voice and guitar with just one mic....
The problem i have is that it's impossible to record both my voice and my guitar without a lot of background 'noise'....

I'm new at this and i use a very simpel prog ( final vinyl for mac )
What i really want to know is how i can get a wider range so that it's possible to record my voice and guitar with just one mic without the noise... when i increase the input level there's more of that noise...

If this is not possible, is it then possible to clean my recording with another prog? or is this too difficult...

as recommended by a few people on this forum: BIAS sound soap is the best deal if all you need is software to clean up noisy recordings...

but maybe the problem can be fixed, what type of mic are you using... a computer usb one? or a computer' mic-input one?

i used to record with one mic with an acoustic and vocals, the key is to get the mic closer to your mouth than your guitar, soyou get a listenable balence between the 2, keep the input low, and keep sound checking before you record, put the input at a level where there is low background noise, and move the mic closer to your mouth, and see if you can get a satisfactory recording that way

(also, maybe the noise is coming from another windows audio channel, assuming youre using windows, check to make sure while youre recording that the line in volume is down if youre using the mic input..or viceversa...as well as other channels such as wave playback and cd playback are down or muted)

hope this info helps
Is the noise a hiss sort of thing. Or is it ambient noise from the room?

Is the noise in both channels? Or is it from the channel you're not using.
It's difficult to describe the noise (especially in English), but it's like a wind with a high tone on the background.
It comes from both channels....

I use a USB mic, but i'm not a windows user.... I'm a (proud) mac os x user... but i don't know if that makes any diffenrence..i hope not.

It helps indeed when i put my mouth closer to my mic, but then the quality of my guitar isn't that good....

Maybe it's better when i record with two mics?
yes two mics, then you could turn the record level down, and youd get less noise, as you could isolate each sound you want to record into its own mic...it sounds kind of like youre getting feedback, or the mic is picking up the computers "hum" maybe record as far away from your computer as your mic can reach...