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Thread Suggestions to start out..

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1 Suggestions to start out..
I have somewhat of a music background, I used to play trumpet so I can read music. Lately, I've gotten the bug to mix music and do post production and the like. I think what I want to do is take tracks and mix them and make songs. Some could be rock, some could just be mixing sort of electronic music. It is more expensive but I think I would like to use a Mac (it's an excuse to get to know one..I know the common advice is to use what you know but..) Either way, I will need to buy a new computer and some good software to do track mixing (it would also be nice to have samples to use as well). I have friends that could also send me guitar or drum tracks.

I'd like to start out mixing and end up recording (later on when $$ is there).

So, if I were to go with a Mac (or even PC) what software is available for this type of activity and also what other equipment will i need?
Good choice going with the Mac. I know this is a religious debate but let me sum it up this way. I did a 10 month contract working in audio for Microsoft at ther Redmond, WA head quarters. We did almost all of our serious audio work on Macs. We used PCs for email.

I would recomend starting with Pro Tools. It is a fairly straight forward program, its an industry standand and you will have lots of people around that can help you trouble shoot.