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Thread Hard Drive Noise

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1 Hard Drive Noise
I am looking at the recording level meter of my Adobe Audition program. There is no noise in the room except the sound of my computer -- which I assume is the hard drive fan. The meter is telling me I'm getting a little noise. What is the best way to minimize this problem?


Paul S.
your computer might be too loud??
my buddies is friken louud
areyou recording through the LINE-in on the back of your computer?

if so, make sure your computer's internal mixer is all muted under the recording option, EXPECT for the "line-in" if youre doing it that way...

is the meter telling you, that there is noise? or do your ears, because if you have the dB level meter set(in adobe) to (hmm i forget but i think) -126 view, you will see some action up to about -60 even when not recording, i get that when i record into my edirol UA1a via usb even....however i hear nothing when i just record the silence... -60dB is very quiet...i reckon

hope this helps