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Thread Turning off monitor speakers to record

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1 Turning off monitor speakers to record
Definitely a newbie question.

Here is my signal chain: microphone into Behringer UB 1202 mixer; mixer tape out jacks to inputs 1 and 2 of my Aardvark LX6 audio interface breakout box; LX6 main outputs 1 and 2 to tape in jacks on mixer; Tapco powered monitors out of control room out jacks on mixer. The black "tape to control room" button on the mixer is down (i.e., on).

Problem: When I start playing into my mic, the sound comes out of the speakers as well as the headphones (which I have plugged into the phones jack on the mixer -- not the phones jack on the LX6 breakout box). I've solved the problem in a clumsy way by just turning off my monitors, but I suspect there's a better way to do this.

Any obvious solutions?


Paul S.
Your setup is similar to mine. I don't turn my monitors off, I have 'em wired to a patch bay and I just pull the plugs and let 'em dangle!!! Same thing. Not very elegant, I agree, but easy enough.

Unfoutunately, your mixer (like mine) doesn't have the routing options necessary to do what you want to do. Here is a simple solution, though, if you don't want to go the patchbay route (which I love, BTW. Everything in my studio is permanently wired to it and I don't ever have to desk dive to dustbunny land). Get one of these:

It's an A/B audio switch. $14.95 at Rat Shack. Model number 15-1952. Put it in between the tape out jacks and the monitors. Leave the "B" side of it empty. Works like a switch.

Same as turning your monitors off- maybe a little easier on the power supply...... ;)
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