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Thread Latency in Cubase Sx 1.03

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Topic Latency in Cubase Sx 1.03
I have a laptop Compaq Presario 9010, 3 GHz and an Echo Indigo soundcard. I have tried everything, but I end up with latency in Cubase, even with the internal sounds. With VST instruments it is even worse. The soundcard works fine (no latency) in stand-alone software synths like Native instruments FM7. Any suggestions? What is the problem?
Hi alcedo,
info your settings and OS so it would be clear for everyone to help you out.
Souncard and cubase same sample size? 44.1 or 48khz.
Do you use asio or WDM driver?
98se or XP?
In cubase FM7 needs to have 1024 samples to work properly.
Let us know
chris pax
Sometimes things are simple. I called the music store and they could help me out in about 30 sec.

Thanks for your interest!