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Thread do i need training?

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1 do i need training?
hey all,

just wondering, does anyone know of any affordable, preferably online audio training programs? i am starting to record my own band but know very little about the process. i see schools advertised in the trade mags, but i don't think i want to go that deep with it. at the same time, i do want my stuff to sound as good as possible. i heard of one site, iKnowAudio.com. has anyone heard of that site or any others like it?

thanks for the input
thanks for the info. i just signed up too. i guess i'll "see" you there.
If you're interested in some free online audio engineering classes, try out this link: https://bruceamiller.us/ - click on the Audio Classes button and sign up. Bruce Miller says its free and looking at his projected syllabus, I seem to think otherwise, but hey, it wouldn't hurt to sign up - I did. Classes are supposed to start on the 17th.