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Thread Recording demos and live sessions

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Topic Recording demos and live sessions

I'd like to record demos and live sessions (folk/bluegrass) on my computer, and have heard that this can be done cheaply, easily and in decent quality with just a couple of condensor mics and some kind of "interface" with its own sound card.

Is the above suggestion doable?
What kind of "interface" should I be looking at? (Maybe a few concrete models..)
My computer has USB inputs.
I've got Audacity with linux, but would also be interested in knowing if there is any good freeware I can use with Windows98.

Thanx in advance
Call me crazy, but consider a Korg PXR4 recorder and a AudioTechnica or Sony mini plug battery powered stereo mike.

I got around this by getting an Edirol UA-25 audio/MIDI interface and a decent condenser mic (Shure).

Audacity is available for Windows and works really well. I use it with XP.

Give it a try. I find the results are really, really good!