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Thread Advice Please...

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1 Advice Please...
Hey i am wanting to set up a small and cheap home studio and was wondering what i will definately need, I SAID CHEAP....

I already have a Sony Minidisc Deck, a Behringer UB1204-FX-PRO mixer, an acoustic guitar and a Dynamic Cardioid Microphone.

I am planning on recording to minidisc and then transferring to my PC, will i need an amp?(the mixer has preamps etc also..)

Will i need any software, and also what monitors should i buy (Remember CHEAP) i will be recording from; a line out keyboard, an acoustic guitar and a cd player with pre-recorded backing tracks on them.

Also i will be recording instruments played through separate channels.

thanks StudioHead
Not sure why you'd want to record to the minidisc if you have a computer. You should be able to go straight out of the mixer and into the sound card to record. Probably sound better, too. I'd look at MAudio stuff.

Cheap software- look at PGMusic Power Tracks Pro or Cakewalk Home Studio.

Behringer is making some pretty inexpensive studio monitors these days.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
hey thanks for the brilliant advice, as you know my budget is low so what should i pay for a pair of good but lower cost monitors?!

Plus, do you know of a recording technique called stem-splitting or something like that? Need help on meaning etc..

Thanks again
Paul(teen newbie)
For monitors, check out the MAudio StudioPro 4 Active monitors.

Don't know about the term "stem splitting". I do know it is not possible to split a stereo mix into it's seperate track components, as you earlier post suggested.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
A very good article on stems appeared in the September 2004 issue of Electronic Musician http://emusician.com/mag/emusic_divide_conquer/index.html%5Dhere. It's basically just a way of making alternate mixes, but it certainly won't work on a finished stereo mix.


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