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Thread Laptop to play live (as sequencer)

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1 Laptop to play live (as sequencer)
I posted this on another section of the forum and I didn't receive a reply, so I am posting once again, because I am relying on YOUR help to actually go and buy a laptop, hehe.... So help me if you can, ANY info would be good.
I have seen many industrial/electro-ish bands that play live using a laptop running a sequencer software that plays rhythms, effects, background noises, background synthetized instruments, etc.
I know, from what I've seen, that they use the laptop out conneced to the input of an external sound card.... The microfone for the vocals is connected to the sound card input as well. Then, they connected the soundcard output to a mixer. Everything is equalized in the laptop, inside the sequencer software. It is also possible to add effects to vocals inside the software too, so the vocals can also have a different effect in different parts of a song.
I would like to know, what should be the minimum requirements and configuration of the laptop to be able to play live like that, and for it to run smoothly. At home, I have a PC configured and stuff, where I record, and make music, but I want to start playing live with all the effects and stuff, and the thing is that I don't know ANYTHING about laptops, so I am asking for help.
I would like to know about a laptop configuration that is not the most expensive, only to really be able to play with it live, together with a band.
Also, what kind of sound card would you recommend me for that (at least 4 inputs and 1 or 2 outputs).
Thank you in advance!

Hey , I'm also pretty new to audio and stuff and i dunno if this will help u out, might - a wee bit ! ..
Well, i'm also considering , going in for a laptop in the future.
Apparently, the apple laptops are really good for audio (An apple g4 with Logic 7 is wht i'll be looking at) but if you're gonna go live and sample 'real time' , you'll prob require a really really good one with tremendous processing power (512 of ram would be minimum) !

The laptops used on stage by big bands are prob custom made .

If you're going in for a soundcard for a laptop to use on stage , you'll need a portable USB or firewire operated one. www.tweakheadz.com has got some amazing info! I think you'll find all u need to know.

here is a brilliant live sequencer for pc.
Stage Tracker at www.stagetracker.com

I would strongly recommend using Ableton Live - its a live sequencer that is entirely designed for live DJ'iing & effects.

Everything is automatically kept in time by the program & therefore, once you've setup your set correct, its almost impossible to do anything wrong!

As for a laptop, I once did a full gig from a 1.0Ghz. laptop with 256mb of RAM using ableton live (and it was only reporting a 23% CPU load). It really is great with CPU usage (because its been designed to be usedc live & is therefore virtually incrashable.

I would strongly recommend listening to this audio tutorial by James Zabiela to get an idea of what Ableton can do!

James Zabiela's Guide to Laptop Mixing

Hope this helps!