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Thread Computer Optimization

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1 Computer Optimization
I use Sonar 3.1 on my computer (see my DAW set-up at bottom). I regularly defragment my hard drive and run Norton Windows Doctor. But I am concerned that Sonar is running at less than peak efficiency (it hangs up or takes a while to respond to commands sometimes).

What steps should I take to make my computer and Sonar get along better?

I use this computer for word-processing, Internet and email, and various music-related programs (Band-in-a-Box, for example, and MusicMatch).

Should I get an external hard drive and put my Sonar program and all my Sonar media on that drive? If so, what HD is recommended?


Paul S.
I'd suggest getting a separate hard drive just for you music files. Keep sonar and your system files on one drive and record your audio to the other. Make your second drive as fast as possible...7200+.

If you're using windows XP, check out


You'll get some good optimization tricks there.