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Thread Mackie 1202 to Aardvark LX6--best connection

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1 Mackie 1202 to Aardvark LX6--best connection
I was just given an old Mackie Microseries 1202 mixer. I have a very basic question.

What I want to do is run all audio to and from my computer through the mixer. I use an Aardvark DirectPro LX6 sound card.

To get audio OUT, I am running a cable from the LX6’s breakout box’s RCA monitor outs on the back to a stereo line in on the mixer. Then I’m running cables from the main outs on the mixer to my monitors.

Now, getting audio into my computer from the mixer is confusing me. The only other outs I have from the 1202 is a tape out and a headphone jack. Am I supposed to run a cable from the RCA tape out jacks to inputs 1 and 2 of my LX6 sound card?

Any help appreciated.

Paul S.
I use my mixer subs to the LX6. I assign channel 1 (pan left) and channel 2 (pan right) to subs 1-2. If you have inserts you could use them to get out of the board. If you want to get back to the board from the PC select your LX6 output to 1-2 and then connect the two LX6 outputs to channels.

Is Aarvark still around or did they go belly up? I've been looking for their web site.