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Thread Reason 2.5

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Topic Reason 2.5
Can someone explain to me what Reason 2.5 is for (in terms a newbie can understand)?

It is a sequencer software.

If you have sampled sounds (like drum hits, keyboard sounds,...) you can make a loops with reason and than mixdown.
How does it compare to its competition?
Is it one of the better synthesizers/sequencers ?
For the money is there a better program out there ?
I use cubase. It is easyer to use. (My opinion).

I use cubase with halion and giga sampler, because more sound samples cds is in giga format.

If you wont to use it with synt module try hypersonic. (Vst plugin)
I already use Sonar 4.0
So I don't really need it right.
I could just get Gigasampler to use with Sonar and get the same job done right?
Well Reason can be ReWired to most audio recording and sequencing progs. Including Sonar and Cubase.

I think a limited version called Reason Adapted is included with most.

Full blown Reason is limited only by your CPU speed so you can use as many synths as you want. And if you hit the CPU limit you can still Export the audio file tho mixing then becomes a PITA.

I plan on ReWiring with Pro Tools when I can afford the Digi002R.
Do you know very much about how to use Reason?
Because i bought 2.5 the other day and I have a few questions.

I got about four tracks recorded (not re-wired to Sonar) and I used the loop switch at the bottom to loop all the tracks.
This sounds good when using Reason, but when I export it doesn't loop, it just plays the two measures of music one time through.

Is there a better way of looping?
What is that loop switch really for?
I saw in the Sonar 4.0 tutorial how they imported a loop (I think it was a bongo drum loop) and just put it in a track and dragged the bottom corner forward in the track and it repeated itself however far you dragged it.

I would like to be able to make those kind of loops, not just in Sonar but in Reason. Can you tell me how. I've looked in the Reason book, and either it's not there, or I didn't understand it.

I know you can insert Reason into Sonar thus creating two tracks, one for midi and one for audio. With Reason rewired like that is there a way to play in Reason through a sampler (like nn-19) and record it as an audio track in Sonar?

Thanks for the help,
Ok Heres something you can do. (Assuming 2 bars of music)

Go to the Arrange View (multiple tracks)

Select the pencil tool.

Select bar as a time value.

Click the pencil in the first bar and drag to bar 2.

You will get a colored box. (This is a Group)

Do this for each track.

Go back to the pointer tool and drag a selection box around the colored boxes. (start dragging outside of any boxes or you will drag the Group)

Go to the Edit menu and select Copy.

Then Paste Paste Paste

You now have 8 bars of music.

The P (position) marker is the Paste point and will move each time you copy or paste.

Now you can drag the loop markers to loop this whole thing. Or just forget about them.
Cool, thanks for the help.

I'll try that when I get home this evening.

I will proabably have more questions, if you don't mind answering them.