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Thread Can I use a home studio monitor when performing live?

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1 Can I use a home studio monitor when performing live?
Hi all,
I am about to purchase a pair of monitors mainly for ensuring my home studio mixes sound good.

However I also play live and was wondering if these home monitors can also be used when live (As I understand it you put the monitor between the crowd and your microphone? I must admit though I am a complete beginner who has only ever played live once and that was without a monitor.

If I can use a home studio monitor live would it be best to get a powered one or one I need an amp for?

Can you: Yes. Should you: NO.

Now it depends on what type of "studio monitor" you are talking about. If it is anything like a Yamaha HSM5, then don't even bother. These monitors are for tracking and crucial listening. And for what you pay for them I would not take them out of the room unless I was going somewhere else to do some recording.

Stage monitors are just for self reference when performing. Usually only needed when you have multiple people playing. If it is just you and your keyboard, then there is no need for one. But stage monitors are to allow for mix of an entire group/band to be projected back on the stage so you can all hear each other.

So again, depending on what type of "monitor" you are using in your studio, I wouldn't recommend it, unless it was meant to be a stage monitor.
You could, but I don't think that you'd really want to... The two really aren't interchangeable