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Thread New here, wanting to know what to get...

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1 New here, wanting to know what to get...
Hey all, been working with music for several years, and am wanting to do some more serious composing (serious being putting together multiple peices, with full instrumentation that i am pleased with, not for anything much bigger)
I play guitar, play bass, and play sax (tenor)
I am wanting to come up with some more soft rock types of songs, no vocals, think like Lionel Richie or Supertramp types. This isnt personally what I listen to, but I would love to compose some.
What do you guys recommend, I can not play piano, but am confident I can brush up on it enough to begin composing through a midi keyboard. Do you recommend getting one? I would like a program that can synth instruments with reasonable quality, and if possible have loop editing features as well, though that is low on my list. I know this is a tall order, but what do you recommend?:)