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Thread playing mp3 files within reason

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1 playing mp3 files within reason
I want to be able to play my keyboard along with some songs I have in mp3.

I first tried playing them with an external player like winamp, while I played the keyboard with Reason, and have the windows mixer mix the sounds, but that forces me to use DirectSound, which causes too much lag in reason. I can use ASIO in Reason, but that locks out any other applications from using my soundcard.

The best solution seems to have Reason play these files, mix the music with the keyboard sounds, and use ASIO for it all so there is no lag.

Does anyone know of an easy way to get a ~3minute song to play within reason so it can be mixed with another instrument, and be done all lag-free? I tried converting the mp3 to a wav, then using the sampler to get it to play, but that causes the file to play at all weird speeds.
there is no way to play mp3s in reason. When you import the track into teh sample, there should be one note that the song plays at normal speed on. The reason it plays strange is that the sampler thinks you wish to stretch the track across the keyzones, therefore find the one note that plays the key at teh correct pitch / timing.

Alternatively use recycle to chop the sound into segments (hint: if its only 3 minutes long, just use one slice), open the rex file in a dr rex player and draw the slice in as 3 minutes long.

Alternatively you could rewire cubase & reason together - see this tutorial on how to do that --? Rewiring Cubase & Reason tutorial