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Thread totally new 2 reason need help PLEASE! m-audio radium 49 keyboard

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1 totally new 2 reason need help PLEASE! m-audio radium 49 keyboard
when i press the keys on my keyboard its like theres a half a second delay to hear a note, its very annoying whats up with that? please help!
Hi there,
Thought i'd help a fellow newbie out here with the little knowledge I do have. That gap between triggering the keyboard, and the sound output is called latency.... it can be caused by a number of things. if you an internal soundcard that wasn't designed for much more than games, it's possible that this is responsible for the delay(latency) as the soundcard itself is just not up to the job, or perhaps you have a slow PC with little CPU power. If you're soundcard and CPU speed is OK, then it may be that you need to configure Reason/Soundcard to reduce the latency(unless you have a VERY good soundcard there will always be a small delaY). This involves tweaking some settings - try this, from the pull down menus goto > Edit > Preferences > Audio and reduce the latency timings inside... also look at the buffer settings. If this doesn't work, make sure that the Audio Card driver selected within reason is the optimal one for your computer(making use of your best hardware/soundcard). Hope that helps a little, at least now you know that latency is what you are targeting. Look to the help menus and the web.

Cheers, lateraldrift ;)