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Thread A basic (i hope) mixing question

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1 A basic (i hope) mixing question
I recently volunteered myself to help out a good friend with a recording that he had made some years ago when we played in a little band together. The recording in question was a fast, rough recording that was made on a hand held cassette recorder with typical poor results.

What I have managed to do so far is to split it to stereo, clean out a lot of the hiss and get some richness back into the sound so it now has the clarity of an old Ella Fitzgerald re-release. It's good but not quite where I want it.

I was wondering if anyone could share a tip or technique or plugin or something that would help me to bring more... I wish I knew the term for what I'm taking about... presence, closeness, strength... I'll post one of the tracks so you can hear it's current state.

I shouldn't need to mention but I will: This is all very copyrighted and registered and all that.


It's so close but lacking that strength that would make it perfect.

Thanks for any help!
i hear some heavy use of a stereo enhancer. the phase is quite messed up.

it's quite hard, sometimes impossible, to save a poor recording. the number 1 rule that a lot of people seem to have a hard time to learn is "shit in, shit out".

IMHO you did all you could. the best tip would be to re-track the song.
Yeah, that would be nice. lol I'm calling this recording a bootleg so the sound quality won't be questioned.

btw, here's the label I made for it to further reinforce the whole crap quality.
Besides, when shit cries, you can make a really nice hut out of it in a pinch!