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Thread Help! What do I need for my home music studio?

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1 Help! What do I need for my home music studio?
Hello everyone!
I'm a singer/Songwriter/Musician and I want to start recording and producing at home. I'm not really sure about how all this works or what a lot of the recording terms are so please be patient with me.
I want to be able to
Record vocals
Produce music
I play piano so I would like to use a keyboard to write melodiesand drum beats that get transferred to the computer ( I think I might need a midi)

I just want to know what software I need for recording.
What software I would need for production.
And what are all the necessary equipments I need to get a good quality sound when recording vocals.

I would really appreciate all the advice I could get!
We need a little more info about you like, do you have a mac or a pc? how well do you know computers and/or music equipment?
Also what budget do you have? And what equipment do you (think you) alreday have? For starters and not knowing anything go and check out the articles on the M-Audio Interfaces on Audiofanzine. They are really good value...maybe look for something with a bundled software. You will surely need a set of headphones or/and a pair of headphones. Maybe look into buying a keyboard with USB as well as it takes away a lot of hassle setting up.
As for the mic for voices...looking into something from Rode or Audio Technica. There are also a few Chinese Products that are pretty good value for the price...don't go with Behringer though!

...hope this helps. :8)