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Thread Building a computer based studio on a budget: best options?

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1 Building a computer based studio on a budget: best options?
Hello everyone, looks like a great site. So I've been recording music for a few months on a Zoom HD8 multitrack recorder, and have made some decent quality tracks on it, but want to make the switch to a computer based studio because I hear there is much more potential and more options. So here is my question:

I have the following equipment: a Audio Technica At2020 condensor mic with pop filter, a Microkorg, yamaha electric drumkit DXTXplorer, guitars, basses, and a bunch of very cheap standard cables.

The style of music I make is influenced heavily by shoegaze and dream pop, focused on layering of tracks, effects, spacy sound etc. good quality effects and a full sound is important for me :D

Assuming I have around 1000$ to spend, and i already own a laptop, what should I buy? I'll obviously need an audio interface, but which ones are best and why? and what else would I need that I'm not thinking of? Like I hear alot of people talking about preamps, compressors and such, is that stuff necessary or will it be included with an interface/software? Are there specific features, brands, software attachments, etc I should look for?

sorry for all the questions guys, but even though i have experience with the 8track i feel like a newb all over again. any help, suggestions and opinions would be great.

btw my laptop is a windows PC