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Thread Getting started with an EBM/Aggrotech project, any advice to get me started?

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Topic Getting started with an EBM/Aggrotech project, any advice to get me started?
If you'd prefer to just give a straight answer/advice, just check the stuff posted in bold on here

So, after scavenging the net for any usefull resources for my new musical project, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I posted some threads at a couple of other musicproduction communities, and now I have landed here.

So what am I looking for? I had a fair share of being, amateur-experience, in mostly metal. Starting up as a vocalist for a local death metal band about 9 years ago, I went on to start my own industrial metal project where I did spend time programming, sampling, synths and actually was the vocalist. I also did some minor stuff with guitars. But that came to end about 4 years ago. Currently I'm still messing around with mostly softsynths, recently bought my first "real" synth in shape of a Korg X-50. I do play some guitar.

I do have a knack for learning through midifiles and all instead of hearing. Tt seems I need a visual instead of aural to pick it up. I do all my writing through midi and learn to play from there. Hence my question, oppossed to guitarstuff, which you can look up through tabs, how do I setup certain basics for styles that don't come easy as a "visual"... hence;

Does anyone have any pointers on how to get started with an EBM/Aggrotech project in the vein of Combichrist, Psyclon Nine, Grendel and Aesthetic Perfection?

I do know that it has it's basics written down in generic "dancemusic", thus utilizing the so-called shufflebeat. However, I either are to critical or just mess up, as I don't think it sounds "right". I might put up a quick soundfile on how I think the shufflebeat works, if anyone would like comment on it.

Expanded on that, I am aware that stacatto basslines are essential and it does utilize typical lead sounds. As for vocals, I might pull that off, I just need some advice on the "programming" part.