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Thread Looping in Reason using Mpd 24

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1 Looping in Reason using Mpd 24
Hi i am new at using reason 4.0 I've made a total of 6 beats already..
But my problem is that the drum pattern that i made on the mpd 24 wont loop
I had to keep doing the same pattern over and over till i got to a certain length with is very tiring.... :x: Could somebody please help with this i know this is probaly the easiest thing ever but i cant figure it out for the death of me and its holding me back

Oh i and i try clicking the loop on but when it goes to repeat in the begininng its off beat for some reason..Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you give us a little more info? Are you piloting reason with the mpd24 or vice versa? What are you creating the loop with?
Ok you know how you make a pattern on redrum by just clicking the boxes and then copy it to the recording down below..Well i'm trying to do that using the mpd intead but it wont loop right. When i press the loop on button and then do my beat pattern the beginning always sounds off beat