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Thread What's better, a $200 usb mic or a $100 mic & a $100 preamp?

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1 What's better, a $200 usb mic or a $100 mic & a $100 preamp?
I was just told usb mics have built-in preamps, are these as efficient as regular preamps? I have only two options, get a $200 usb mic or a $100 mic & a $100 preamp? Which one will give me better studio quality vocals?
I would go for the $100 mic and $100 preamp any day over the USB one. For one thing, you could always get a different microphone or preamp down the road and try different combinations of mics and preamps to get different sounds. If you are serious about recording, you will want to have several mics, so having a USB Mic/preamp combination will limit your options.
My experience with USB Mic/Preamp combos has been that the sound is OK, but much better quality results can be achieved with a dedicated preamp.
I absolutley agree with acav802, 100+100$ option has more benefits!

One of them is that You can control sample rate with your recorder, the USB version has a built in ADC & it can't be as good as the one in your PC or recorder.