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Thread Dont know how to start!

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Topic Dont know how to start!
Ok, so i really would like to start being able to record stuff at home, i play the bass guitar and trumpet, but i think i would mainly record on the bass to start with. I have tried to do some research around the internet into this and have looked at some products but im still very confused. For example, if i buy a Multitrack recorder can i just record straight on to it? Is it neccesary to have a michrophone if im recording a guitar or can i just record directly? I have windows XP, i realise that it is possible to record straight onto your computer, but for example i was looking at the Alexis MultiMix products, are they just Mixers or can you record using them?
I know this is all basic stuff, but i really need some help with this,
It would really be helpfull if someone could give me some basics to recording my bass using a multitrack,
Try the H4 - Handy Recorder

Its amazing. You can google it and find lots of places it.

It will take care of what you need.

try l4


it is nice


classical music downloads


I would reccommend M-Audio and Protools and if you have them then some mics.I dont know actually what mics are used for bass put i think you will figure it out.