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Thread Getting the most out of your beats

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1 Getting the most out of your beats
I've been a beat maker for a little while and now I want to get into engineering my own beats to get a fuller sound. I currently use fruity loops and just started using reason. 

I mostly sample, but I want to break into getting a better sound out of each element. I don't have a monitor or anything like that, I currently use a sony stereo system that I hooked up to my cpu output.

This is my youtube beat page, let me know if you have any pointers

ive been reading this book called beat production bible its a good ebook showing me more search around for it Beat Production Bible it helps with all those things im trying to get a mastering in fl studio book just a lil research helps
-Infamuz Blayze
First of I checked out your youtube and your beats are real nice, nice smooth feel to them.
And im kinda in the same boat, I use FL Studio 8 and I dont sample I just try making my own stuff from scratch, its really hard at the moment. But I wish I could sample. Is it easy?