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Thread How do I delete an account

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1 How do I delete an account
Everything is in french when I try to delete an account. I am trying to close this user name account because the person before me didnt set it up right. I see products from my company, but I didnt put them up. I want the name Discovery Sound, but it says there is already that name taken. I searched and noone has that name
As far as I know it is not technically possible for a forum member to have the exact same name as a brand that is in the site's database... If you "just" want to change some settings on your account you don't have to delete it, you can just ask the administrators. Also if you prove them that you're indeed the man behind Discovery Sound, then hopefully something can be arranged regarding your account name (due to the aforementioned technical reason it most likely won't be "Discovery Sound", but I think something like "Discovery-Sound" or "Discovery_Sound" might be possible).