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Thread Starting from scratch - what mixer/soundcard/mic etc to buy?

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1 Starting from scratch - what mixer/soundcard/mic etc to buy?
Hi All,
I am in a position that I have been recording songs on some friends equipment (4 channel mixer/Sm57 mic/cubase sx3/on board sound card) to the point im reasonably confident and would like to build my own budget home studio to record my vocals, guitar and possibly keyboard.

Would you please be kind enough to recommend me a setup based on the following criteria:

1. I have £1000 to spend
2. I have a decent acoustic guitar and keyboard
3. Im am still very much a beginner just looking to get the best that I can out of the budget I have.

As far as I can tell I will need the following items:

1. Sound Card (im recording on a laptop so I guess a USB one?)
2. Mixer (Although if I get a decent multi channel sound card do I even need a mixer?)
3. Microphone (I was thinking a Shure Sm58Beta for vocals and some kind of condensor mic for acoustic guitar, or should I maybe get a ShureSm57 for acoustic guitar - im confused about when recording which type of mic is used for what...?)

I reaslise this is a very open subject and there are hundreds of guides out there but thats exactly the problem there are so many guides saying so many things none of which seem exactly relevant to my situation.

Many thanks in advance!