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Thread Mixer help please!

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1 Mixer help please!
Okay im new to this whole recording thing and i need some help from you pros out there.

okay i have a Samson MDR1688 mixer i need to know what input or output i need to connect it to a line 6 interface...........

i heard it has somthing to do with the AUX inouts and Outputs....
but i dont know..........please help!
Normally it would be the "main mix". what line 6 interface do you have?

That's quite a mixer for a novice! :D:
I have a toneport UX2.......

yes i have tried through the main outs and the headphone but i get latency.......but i would also wish to get all the different channels on the computer but i dont know how.............thanx for everyones help....
The latency isn't coming from the mixer. it's coming from the UX2. did you install the right drivers? have you tried reducing the latency of the UX2?
Okay so the lower the latency the better??........
thanx again for all your help..... :bravo:
Yes, the lower the latency the better, if you can get it. lower latencies require more powerful resources. so if you can get latency around 6 ms without any glitches then you're ok. anything under 10 ms is more or less acceptable and hardly noticeable. above 10 you'll really start noticing it.
At above 10, it's really more than just a point of starting to notice ;)
Yeah you're right. ;) but i think it's something like 1 ms per foot. so if you're standing 10 feet away from your amp (with no stage monitors), which sometimes happens (at least to me) you've got 10 ms of latency.

so latency does happen in the real world also. :bravo2: and we deal with it
So is there any possible way to have differnt channel on the mixer appear up on the interface.