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Thread [Getting started] The Top MIDI Grooves

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1 [Getting started] The Top MIDI Grooves
The Top MIDI Grooves
So, you bought some virtual drums but none of the grooves really fit in your new song? Here you have a list of the best MIDI publishers.

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I've purchased grooves from most of the sources listed here and I have a clear favourite - OddGrooves. The Magnus Pack and West Coast drumming are really worth having in any collection. OddGrooves guys will also create custom midi drum tracks for you - for your own compositions or a transcription of an artist's track. Having used this service, I can highly recommend them.
Hi Sean and thanks for the vote of confidence in OddGrooves- I am sure they will like that! :-D
First off, I am a Drummer in Real Life, and a Session Drummer 2-3 user that sticks with GM files. After years of using all the big & small drum sampler programs that are out there, this just fits my work flow better.

I always recommend the Smart Loops Vol.1 Midi pack to folks mainly because they are great feeling meat & potatoes 4/4 tracks that just work. I also own all of their Midi collections & Sample Sets for SD2-3 and recommend them to everyone looking for solid, drop-in-a-mix sounds.

I have all the Groove Monkey stuff, but have to say some of it is a little flaky at times, with dropped HH & Kick notes. Since it is Midi, and I always go thru and tweak when mixing, it is not a real problem.

Odd Grooves hands down for more "prog-intricate" stuff. I also dig the West Coast feels.

And tho OG has some jazz Midi files, NONE come close to a Real Jazz feel as the Platinum Samples Real Jazz Midi Groove Pack. The demos & files I heard at a friends have me saving up for that collection. It & the Real Latin collection should round out my setup very well....

(I also own all 6 of their kits for SD3, and they are outstanding!):bravo:

Keyfax was so-so when I tried them out years ago....I need to see if they have anything new...

Never hear the Slam Tracks, Gen16 Grooves, The Loop Loft stuff, but will give them a listen-to in the future.

Thanks for the heads up! :8)
It has occurred to me that there are fewer years ahead than there are behind....