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Thread [Getting started] How To Get A Punk Guitar Sound

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1 [Getting started] How To Get A Punk Guitar Sound
How To Get A Punk Guitar Sound
Ah, punk! Some say it's enough to pick a guitar, an amp, a jack, and a strap (the longer the better), crank it all up and it should sound like it's meant to.

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Awh, c'mon! This is all a joke. Coming from an old school 80's punkrock scumbag, let me tell you that all you really need is something that is loud and will make alot of rude noise. Your tone/sound is mainly going to come from your attitude and you can't buy that anywhere for any amount of money. An obscenely expensive Mesa Boogie is going to sound like shit anyway when you are playing lousy venues with an inexperienced soundman running cheap and crappy equipment himself. Let your bad attitude make the noise so you can save your money for gas and beer.
Wiser words may never have been said
Whoever wrote this has no clue on punk tone.
Tone is in the hands of the player. Not the genre. Essentially what @CaliMoose said.