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Thread [Getting started] Protect Your Hearing

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1 [Getting started] Protect Your Hearing
Protect Your Hearing
Did your ears ever ring after you played a gig, and not stop for a day or two? Now imagine that same scenario, but the ringing never stops. Pretty scary, right? And that's not an uncommon circumstance. Ringing in your ears, which is called "tinnitus," is only one of the occupational issues musicians face from repeated exposure to high sound pressure levels.

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I was a film sound recordist/mixer and, due to listening at high SPL, suffer from a substantial loss in one ear at 4,000 Hz and I suffered from Tinnitus for a number of years which, fortunately, has mostly subsided (I can still hear a sssshhhh sound in the background and when I am trying to go to sleep, but does return full-on occasionally and, when it does, it causes mortal fear that it is back for good. The hearing loss and Tinnitus caused me to change careers. Recently, I was at a music awards concert where the mix was way too hot/loud and my ears were starting to ring so I had to leave. The fool at the mixer was/is destroying people's hearing, maybe he already has hearing loss which is causing him to blast everyone's ears.
Brian, sorry to hear your story, but I'm glad you posted about it. The more that people are aware of the dangers of noise exposure, the more diligent they'll become about hearing protection. I wish you the best of luck with your hearing issues, and thanks for your response.