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Thread [Getting started] That's an Order!

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1 [Getting started] That's an Order!
That's an Order!
Let’s face it: Albums are not what they used to be. I’m not talking about the music (although there are some who would make that argument), and I’m not talking about the production. I’m referring to the album as a vehicle for releasing music. With downloading and streaming so dominant, it’s easier than ever for the listener to cherry pick one song here and one there, and many artists are releasing individual songs rather than albums. Nevertheless, when putting out our own albums or EPs, we still do it with the expectation that they'll be listened to from top to bottom. Toward that end, a compelling song order can really help. In this article I’ll look at how to decide on a song sequence that makes your album (or even the songs on your website) more attractive for sustained listening.

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