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Thread [Getting started] A/B Your Plug-Ins

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1 [Getting started] A/B Your Plug-Ins
A/B Your Plug-Ins
Between the plug-ins in your DAW, and others you may have purchased, you’re likely to have some duplicate functionality, that is, more than one reverb, compressor, EQ, etc. But when you choose to use one over another are you making an informed decision? Do you know how they differ from each other? One way to find out is by doing some simple A/B comparisons, when you have some down time. Whether you’re comparing your compressors or your EQs or reverbs, delays, or modulation effects, you’re likely to be surprised by what you learn.

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Before I started reading audiofanzine I was a smug, smart-mouthed audio geek who knew all the answers. Well boys, it's articles like "A/B YOUR PLUG-INS" that remind me...I don't know Jack Squat! Thank you for all your work trying to educate idiots like me. You guys are the best.

Your humble fan-

Tracy Kite
You guys are the best.

Thanks! Glad it was helpful!
That'a a very interesting technique, and it is helpful to do that kind of duplicate comparison on processors and effects. Thanks for posting!

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