Behringer Ultragraph FBQ-Pro FBQ6200
Behringer Ultragraph FBQ-Pro FBQ6200

Ultragraph FBQ-Pro FBQ6200, Graphic EQ from Behringer in the Ultragraph Pro series.

yoTrakkz 02/23/2012

Behringer Ultragraph FBQ-Pro FBQ6200 : yoTrakkz's user review

« i expected a little more, but still nice »

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The Behringer Ultragraph Pro Series is an analog effects unit that is exactly what the name states.  It is indeed a rack mountable piece of gear and it will take up two rack space units. 


The make up of the Behringer Ultragraph Pro is really basic as it simply has ten sliders set at fixed frequencies that you can cut or boost, as you would expect with a graphic EQ.  It also has two other knobs to control the level of output coming out from the unit.  If you have any experience with graphic EQs, the Moog Music 10-Band Graphic Equalizer is a cinch to understand and figure out.  I've never seen the manual for the Behringer Ultragraph Pro so I can't speak to how helpful it would be, but the unit is easy enough to figure out without one.


The sound quality of the Behringer Ultragraph Pro is pretty good overall, but isn't anything all that crazy in my opinion.  Don't get me wrong, it is definitely a clean sounding EQ but sometimes I feel like Behringer products get hyped up a little bit so maybe I was expecting more.  Either way, the Behringer Ultragraph Pro is a great EQ that will output just as clean of a signal as you send into it.  While I usually prefer to use parametric EQs as I find them to have more control over your sound, this unit does provide a good amount of options and plenty of bands.


I've only been using the Behringer Ultragraph Pro for about a year.  I'm a huge fan of all products made by Behringer so I decided to check out this EQ and while Moog clearly isn't known for their signal processing gear, they definitely did a great job with this unit overall.  While I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for a single EQ to use for your home studio, it is a great addition to any studio looking to expand their outboard gear.  The only problem is that these are extremely rare and hard to find and I really just got lucky.  If you are a fan of Behringer and are also an audio engineer, the Behringer Ultragraph Pro is a must try.