Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700
Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700

Graphic Equalizer EQ700, Graphic equalizer pedal from Behringer.

Lunay 01/27/2008

Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700 : Lunay's user review


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Ben is an equalizer ... 5 for the plastic housing.


Very simple, Unfortunately there is no "click" the middle so it's annoying to come back to the center, the knob is too sensitive, it moves itself desfois if pressed too hard ...


I have not tried other qualizer but I will buy a beefier because it really well and boost the paufine son.Ma disto a silent redcouverte, prcise much more incisive. We also just use it to boost volume (up to 15dB more)

For light or the crunch, it adds shine and snapping along the curve that it is given.

9 while waiting to buy a new one.


I bought There's two or three months, it does not work dja more. Actually it is good for someone who wants to see the effect of an EQ before buying a "real" since it "cheap" home "cheap" (all plastic ^ ^)
Still it sounds good, I let him engaged all the time.
Nine to 25, he told me 3 months and drive helped me on a ide equalizer.
Well, no I will not repeat that choice, I am a long-term!