Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700
Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700

Graphic Equalizer EQ700, Graphic equalizer pedal from Behringer.

monsieurZ 11/11/2007

Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700 : monsieurZ's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Equalo 7 bands copied the format ... Well boss finishes are a bit below even when ...
The case plastok road maintenance: Inrush can be an effect without a jump!
Access the battery sucks, but not insurmountable, then I tape it to the mains ..
The knobs are not great but good prcis for the price we will not do shit ...


Well ... not hard! We hack and it looks!
It is best to set the volume 1 / 4 and avoid mounting strips donf ...
Super easy to use ...


Perfect! No breath .. not adding color!
Honntement if boiboite silent BOSS yen more than one who changes his mind ... but ... it sounds as if they say it's expensive! Having tried the Boss ba ... I had more feedback and more c'tait color ...


Bah behringer as sometimes the stew, as qualo this has nothing to envy to the boss level ... In fact it seems the same really ... now if you want the brand and a stronger box ba then extend fo 60 euros more ...