Boss EQ-20 Graphic Equalizer
Boss EQ-20 Graphic Equalizer

EQ-20 Graphic Equalizer, Graphic equalizer pedal from Boss in the Twin Pedals series.

Skjold 08/13/2012

Boss EQ-20 Graphic Equalizer : Skjold's user review

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What Roland Boss tells you that you get, is what you get. In this case, it's a graphic equalizer for guitar with 10 bands and nine memory slots along with a single setting you can change as you like.
The bands on the pedal are predetermined, as with all other graphic equalizers. The technology utilized in this one, is a mix between analog and digital, as you set the bands with physical faders, but store the presets on a chip.
If the presets then run out through an analog fader or use a digital circuit to recreate the EQ settings. Although it is part digital, you can't program it through a computer.


The general setup and editing of the parameters on the equalizer is simple. So simple in fact, that you should not need to have a look at the manual and a young kid would be able to do it (granted, the new generation is schooled with computers in general!)
The problems arise, when you want to use a preset. You need to change preset with your fingers, as there are no footswitch for this function. This is a huge problem, if you want/need to change the preset during a performance. It's a big drawback, and you can have as many memory options as you want, but if you're not able to access them, when you need them - what does it help then?


The quality of the equalized signal is good. As with other pedals changing the level of your signal (i.e overdrive and distortion effects), remember to balance out the input and output!
From the factory, they give you six presets for guitar, and three for bass. These are a good staring point, if you are not sure how to use the pedal in the right way.


It's a fine pedal, but not one that I will recommend to much, as you have the huge issue of not being able to access the presets in an easy way, during a performance. Look at the baby brother like the GE-7 or the MXR products. They cost a bit more compared to what you get, but the quality and simplicity is much better.
If you don't have any issues changing presets with your hands, go for it.