MXR M109 6 Band Graphic EQ
MXR M109 6 Band Graphic EQ

M109 6 Band Graphic EQ, Graphic equalizer pedal from MXR.

denied 05/18/2011

MXR M109 6 Band Graphic EQ : denied's user review

« Killer little EQ pedal »

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- 6 bands of graphic EQ

- LED lit sliders

- Compact

- Sturdy MXR enclosure

- Powered by 9v battery or adapter

- Solid components, jack, switch etc

- True bypass


Beautifully simple to use. This is the little brother of the MXR 10 band, and is actually an improvement in some ways. To be honest, for a live EQ pedal, all you really need is 6 bands. This gives you the control you need without the extras. The compact enclosure is a lot easier to fit on a pedalboard, and the standard 9v power is much more convenient.

Run it in front of the amp as a guitar EQ or boost, run it in the amp effects loop as a third channel EQ. Very low noise, reliable, sturdy, and powerful. It can totally pull the blanket off of your setup.

I've found that the LED sliders on these can start to dim over time which is a little annoying. Otherwise they are great for a dark stage, and just look cool.

This one doesn't have volume/gain sliders, so if that is something you want out of it, I'd look into the 10 band.


Its difficult to judge the sound of an EQ pedal independently, but this one is really great. Dead silent, which can be unusual in this price range, and can really transform your sound. Six bands is really all you need to fine tune your tone, anything from a mild boost to a total revision or third channel.


This is, without a doubt, a killer little EQ pedal. Don't let its size fool you, it will probably become the most powerful tool in your arsenal. That said, EQ is probably the most overused/misused pedal among guitarists. I've seen a lot of people pick one of these up because "I might as well, everyone needs one." If you actually feel that your setup could benefit from some fine tuning, this is a great option. It also works really well as a boost, and can clean up some mediocre DIST pedals like the Boss MT2. I'd also recommend looking into a parametric EQ, they aren't quite as widely used but can be a very solid option.