MXR M109 6 Band Graphic EQ
MXR M109 6 Band Graphic EQ

M109 6 Band Graphic EQ, Graphic equalizer pedal from MXR.

Fireguy8402 12/23/2011

MXR M109 6 Band Graphic EQ : Fireguy8402's user review

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The M-109 is a 6 band graphic EQ pedal from MXR. The pedal has 6 sliders that can cut or boost that frequency by 18dB. The bands available are 100, 200, 400, 800 1.6k, and 3.2k.The pedal can be powered by 9 volt batter or external AC adapter. Dimensions of the pedal are 2.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" and it weighs about a pound. A mono input and a mono output are available.


This pedal is built extremely well like most MXR pedals. The housing is made of all metal and the bypass switch is very rugged. It has “positive feel” sliders that hold the settings very well, even if bumped, and are illuminated so the settings can be read on a dark stage during a gig. I wish they had included an overall volume slider like the Boss GE-7, but I don’t really miss the added high end frequency slider.


The M109 is what I use to get a muffled low fi tone in my rig, but it can do just about anything you need it to. It will remove quack from a mid heavy guitar, unmuffle the distortion in an amp, or boost a solo just to name a few. It lets you craft your sound to the exact frequencies you hear in your head. It works very well in the loop of amps to help shape the overall tone or as an overall signal boost if you run through a lot of pedals. The pedal makes a great solo boost because you can boost the frequencies that really let your guitar cut through a dense mix and stand out like a solo should. There is no change in my tone when using this pedal and there isn’t an annoying hiss like there is when using a Boss GE-7.


I like this EQ pedal a lot. I really thought that extra frequency slider would be missed, but I really just miss the volume slider I had on my previous 7 band EQs (Dano and Boss). This pedal is built for touring, so I don’t worry about reliability. The lighted sliders are great at gigs and the switch feels really solid with a nice click when you engage the pedal. It’s nice and small so it doesn’t take up much space on my board. Whether I need a solo boost, an EQ adjustment, match input signals on different guitars, or a Lo Fi tone like I usually use it for, it’s always there for me. Steer clear of the Boss and go for the MXR